How Is an AC Unit Installed?

August 17, 2021
AC Installation in Carefree, AZ
Updated April 24, 2024

If you’re getting a new air conditioner installation in Paradise Valley soon, you might be interested in knowing what kind of process it’s going to involve. There are several stages to properly installing a central air conditioning unit, and the right company will care about performing each of them conscientiously to provide you with the most comfort and efficiency. These are some of the basic steps Vent Masters will go through when they replace your AC.

Removing the Existing System

The first step is to remove the existing system, including the outdoor unit. During this process, the technicians must be careful about the refrigerant as they remove your old equipment. They’ll also replace some of the cords, such as the flexible electrical conduit that carries the electricity to the air conditioner.

Putting in the New Outdoor Unit

Next, they’ll prepare the area for the new unit by leveling it, usually with gravel. Otherwise, they might use a composite pad as a way of ensuring that it stays level.

Removing the Indoor Equipment

They’ll also have to remove the indoor evaporator coil and copper refrigerant lines. Putting in new refrigerant lines is very important because the substance that was used in older models is different from the kind that’s used today, and mixing the two can cause damage to your new unit.

Installing New Indoor Equipment

Putting in new evaporator coils and copper lines come next. The air conditioner technicians can install either cased or uncased evaporator coils, but they’ll usually install the cased type.

Setting the New Condenser

Once the copper lines have been set, the technicians will start work on putting in the new condenser. After putting it in place, they should inspect it and braze some of the lines for stability.

Final Touches

Electrical lines, some other connections and the thermostat will also need to go in. Following this, the refrigerant will be added and the equipment tested. You should be shown how to operate everything.

Your Professional Resource

Putting in a new air conditioner is a big job, and you’ll want air conditioning technicians you can trust. For that, reach out to Vent Masters in Paradise Valley. We expertly perform a full range of HVAC services, cooling maintenance and repair. Call us today!

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