Heat PumpWhy should you suffer through extreme temperatures when you can have a heat pump in Cave Creek, AZ? The summer days can be extremely hot, and the winter nights can be chilly.

    Because heat pumps perform both heating and cooling duties, a properly functioning unit can keep your home comfortable all year long. If you notice that your current system won’t maintain a consistent, even temperature, you may need to schedule a heat pump repair.

    We also offer heat pump services in Paradise Valley AZ, Scottsdale AZ and surrounding areas.

    Cave Creek Heat Pumps

    Your heat pump maintains your home’s temperature. This type of system can both heat and cool your home. During the winter months, the pump pulls heat out of the outside air and transfers it inside your home to keep it warm. In the summer, this process reverses.

    The pump pulls the warm air from inside your home and transfers it outside. Many homeowners choose this type of heating and cooling system because it is energy efficient and doesn’t burn gas like a traditional furnace.

    A well-maintained heating system will typically last 15 years or more. Like other mechanical systems, your pump’s performance declines over time as it operates. When problems occur, our company offers heat pump repair.

    Our heating and cooliong technicians repair these common problems:
    • Blown circuit breakers and fuses
    • Blown motor
    • Dust and dirt build-up
    • Low or leaking refrigerant
    • Dirty or frozen coils

    Our customers often ask us how they’ll know when their pump isn’t working properly. The first major sign is that the pump won’t turn on. When your heating and cooling unit won’t turn on, that can indicate problems like a blown fuse. The unit’s reversing valve also may be the cause. If you have a water leak, the condensate drain might be clogged.

    Sometimes, the signs of malfunctioning heat pumps aren’t as obvious. If your system runs constantly, that may be a sign that we need to recalibrate your thermostat. Strange noises as well as unusual smells are common indicators of a problem with heat pumps.

    Heat Pump with Tool Bag on top

    Dirt and dust buildup can cause loud noises like grinding and squeaking. Mold and mildew smells can signal stagnant air and moisture in the unit.

    Heat Pump Repair & Replacement Cave Creek AZ

    At Vent Masters, our trained professional technicians can handle all your heat pump replacement and repair needs. Since 2003, our family-owned, EPA-certified business has been focusing on building long-term relationships with our customers.

    Before we recommend a solution to your heating and cooling problem, we’ll consider your needs, including the size of your home and budget. Clients frequently praise our friendly furnace techs for their professionalism and attention.

    After we listen to your concerns, we’ll thoroughly assess your heating and cooling system. You can count on our team members to show up on time and prepared with the tools they need to complete the job.

    Our licensed HVAC technicians work quickly but never cut corners. After we complete the job, we will ensure your home is clean and comfortable.

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