Heat PumpAt Vent Masters, we’re the number one choice if you’re looking to install a new heat pump in Scottsdale, AZ. We also offer expert repair services to ensure your unit functions effectively in both summer and winter. Heat pumps are, without a doubt, the best option for cooling and heating homes in Arizona.

    These units provide extremely effective heating in places with milder winters, ensuring your home stays comfortable. Contact our HVAC technicians today to book an appointment!

    Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair

    Heat pumps are a great investment that can lower utility bills. Since the unit can provide both heating and air conditioning, you won’t need to pay to install and maintain separate heating and cooling systems.

    Your annual heating bills will also be far lower compared to using a gas or electric furnace or any other type of heating. In addition, heat pump installations are much better for the environment since they don’t produce carbon emissions in the way a gas furnace does.

    Heat Pump with Tool Bag on top

    Another advantage is that you won’t have to worry about any potential carbon monoxide issues as you do with a gas furnace.

    The typical life span for heat pumps is usually around 12 to 15 years. If you have an existing unit that is nearing this age, you should probably start considering heat pump replacement.

    Replacing your old system will definitely improve your home comfort since older units usually don’t work as effectively. A new unit is almost certain to be more energy efficient than what you currently have, so you’ll also save money on energy costs.

    However, the fact that heat pumps typically run year-round means that they can be more prone to breakdowns. Annual maintenance can help in this regard, but virtually all units will eventually need some repairs. Getting the unit repaired as soon as you notice any problems can help increase its life span and prevent other issues from arising.

    If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s a fairly sure sign that you need to have your unit inspected and fixed:
    • Won’t switch from cooling to heating or vice versa
    • Puts out warm air in summer or cold air in winter
    • Makes excessively loud or unusual noises
    • Freezes up in winter and won’t defrost
    • Runs for hours without shutting off

    If you’re dealing with any of these problems or your unit shows any other signs of malfunction, our HVAC technicians will fully inspect the equipment to determine the specific cause.

    We will quickly determine the repairs the unit requires and then discuss with you what work we need to do and why it’s necessary. Our team can also assist you in determining whether repairing the unit or replacing it is the better choice.

    Expert Scottsdale Heat Pump Experts

    At Vent Masters, we are a family-owned business with two decades of experience providing expert services to local customers. We’re a Lennox Premier Dealer and we offer a wide selection of different units for you to choose from.

    Our certified heating and air technicians also have years of experience servicing, repairing, and maintaining all makes and models. We not only specialize in heat pump replacement, but we also install units for new construction projects.

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    For more information on our heat pump services in Scottsdale, give us a call today at Vent Masters.
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