3 Reasons Why You Should Not Service Your AC Yourself

April 24, 2023
AC Maintenance in Cave Creek, AZ

Air conditioners in Arizona get a heavy workout during the summer. That hard work makes them more susceptible to breaking down. When your AC breaks down, you might be tempted to save a few bucks and repair it yourself. However, that will often lead to higher costs when you need a professional to fix your mistakes. Following are some reasons you should refrain from attempting to service an AC yourself.

Voiding Your Warranty

Newer AC units are likely to be under the manufacturer’s warranty. A warranty is handy when you need a replacement for AC parts, as the manufacturer may cover the costs.

However, you may void your warranty when trying to service your AC yourself because it will often damage the system. DIY repairs may lead to errors such as incorrect electrical wiring and using the wrong hardware type. A voided warranty means that you are solely responsible for repairs in the future, even if they might have otherwise been covered.

Lack of Access to Parts

HVAC suppliers may only sell parts to licensed HVAC experts and contractors to ensure they are not held liable. Thus, as a homeowner, you may not have access to the HVAC parts you need.


AC units are complex machines. Sometimes diagnosing and troubleshooting their issues takes a lot of work, even for qualified professionals. Without the necessary knowledge, getting to the root of an AC problem might take time. You should call an HVAC contractor because they have the expertise to complete the repairs quickly, limiting the time you’re without AC.

Final Thoughts

AC troubleshooting can take much time and can be costly in some instances. Contact an expert to ensure you get the best out of an AC service. You can rely on us for AC installations, maintenance, and repairs. You can also count on us for heating, ductwork, ventilation, or indoor air quality services. If you reside in Cave Creek or surrounding areas and need AC servicing, call us at Vent Masters.

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