Safety Check Your Home for Carbon Monoxide Dangers Every Year

November 19, 2020

The combustion of fuels, like natural gas and propane, produces waste gases that include carbon monoxide (CO). Properly functioning gas furnaces, gas ranges, fireplaces, wood stoves, space heaters, and other gas-burning equipment vent harmful exhaust outside. However, equipment problems can develop over time and allow CO to pollute your indoor air. CO has no odor or smell, and exposure can kill you. Sadly, about 400 people nationwide die because of CO poisoning. Annual inspections of your gas equipment and household CO alarms will protect you from this invisible household hazard.

Symptoms of CO gas exposure:

  • 1. Fatigue
  • 2. Chest Pain
  • 3. Headaches
  • 4. Brain Fog
  • 5. Dizziness
  • 6. Nausea
  • 7. Ultimately Death

If you feel sick at home but improve quickly after leaving the house, CO could be the culprit. Vent Masters in Carefree, AZ, can test for CO. Our furnace repair technicians can evaluate the CO levels emitted by your heating equipment. We can improve your home with additional ventilation or replacement of a failing furnace.

Signs of Leaking CO

A home sealed against cold weather increases your vulnerability to a CO leak. Although you can’t smell CO, other exhaust fumes that have an odor may linger in your home alongside the deadly gas. If you smell anything strange, open your windows and test for CO right away.

Other warning signs include:

  • Stuffy air in the home
  • No upward draft on chimney flue
  • Pilot light goes out frequently

Maintain Safe and Comfortable Indoor Air

A seasonal inspection of your furnace or indoor air by Vent Masters can alert you to any developing problems. Our licensed company has a well-trained staff dedicated to maintaining healthy indoor air quality. We repair, maintain, and replace all heating and air conditioning equipment. Our team builds custom ducts to improve ventilation. You can also talk to us about humidifier equipment that will increase your indoor comfort. We’re happy to answer your questions. Contact us today.

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