Tips for Successfully Installing a New Smart Thermostat

April 18, 2022

When it comes to efficient upgrades to your home, one that is commonly overlooked is installing a smart thermostat. These new thermostats provide much more efficiency than traditional programmable or the old-style dial thermostat. If you’re thinking of installing one on your own, we’re going to share some tips with you that are going to make the process much smoother.

Killing the Power

To install a smart thermostat, you’re going to need a screwdriver and your phone. You want to start by going down to your electrical panel and turning off any breakers that are associated with your HVAC system. This will help to protect your system from any potential damage that can be caused by wires potentially touching one another. It is important to note that thermostat wires are of a very low voltage, and they will not cause any physical harm if they’re touched while the power is live.

Removing Your Outdated Thermostat

Go ahead and pop off the faceplate cover for your outdated thermostat. Next, pull out your smartphone and take a picture of the existing wiring setup so that you’ll know how to reconnect the wires when you install a new thermostat. You want to remove the wiring from the backplate of your existing thermostat. For some thermostats, you’ll simply need to push in on the tabs for the wiring housing to release them. For other thermostats, you may need to back out terminal screws to loosen up the wire. Once the wires are disconnected, it’s time to grab your screwdriver and remove the backplate.

Installing Your New Smart Thermostat

You want to start the installation process by pulling out the backplate for your smart thermostat. Hold it up to the wall and secure screws into it. Next, you want to reconnect the wiring to the new backplate following the picture that you took previously of where the wires go. Once all the wiring is hooked up, you’ll want to put the faceplate on your thermostat. Go ahead and turn on the power to your HVAC system and your new smart thermostat should automatically kick on.

Professional HVAC Services

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