Should I Leave the AC on During the Day When I’m Out?

July 15, 2020

Homeowners often assume they’ll save money by turning off their thermostat in the morning before they leave for work. However, the best practice is to leave the thermostat on, but turn it up 7 to 10 degrees. There are a few reasons why this is more beneficial than shutting the thermostat off.

Saving You Money

Turning up your thermostat as opposed to leaving it at the same setting as when you’re at home saves you money on your energy bills. Your air conditioner won’t run as much while you’re away, but you won’t be requiring your unit to work so strenuously to reduce the excessive heat once you return. If you buy a programmable or smart thermostat, it will make these temperature adjustments automatically so that you don’t have to even think about it.

Vent Masters in Carefree, AZ, installs programmable and smart thermostats. Our technicians will thoroughly explain how to use the new equipment so that you can derive the most benefits from it.

Protecting Your Home From Bugs and Mold

Your air conditioner reduces your house’s humidity level. Bugs and mold love high humidity, so if you turn off your AC unit, you’re creating a welcoming environment for them. It’s better to let your cooling system operate occasionally throughout the day so that humidity levels are kept below 60%.

Making Your House More Comfortable

If you turn off your air conditioning system, you’ll come home to a hot, humid, and stuffy house. If you turn it up 7 to 10 degrees while you’re out, indoor humidity and temperature will be kept at a tolerable level.

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