Is Indoor Air Quality Worse in Winter?

January 19, 2023
Winter Indoor Air Quality in Carefree, AZ.

You may wonder why it is less comfortable in your home in the winter. The air quality in your home may worsen during the colder months for several reasons, which can cause illnesses, worse allergies, and the feeling that the air isn’t as fresh.

1. Higher Polution

In the winter, there is more pollution in the air. This pollution comes from people warming up cars, fireplace smoke, coal usage, wood burning, and many other pollutants in the atmosphere. Indoor pollution increases in the winter due to the lack of open windows in a home and the use of furnaces and other heating elements.

2. More Time Inside

Spending more time inside means that there are more opportunities for poor air quality because of poor ventilation. This poor ventilation is because we usually make sure the windows and doors seal tightly. There is also an opportunity for higher carbon dioxide levels in your home during colder months.

3. Great Insulation

The newer your home is, the more modern the insulation techniques, meaning there is less and less airflow in a home. Because of this low airflow, it is very easy for indoor air quality to be bad.

4. Temperature Inversion

Colder weather means that pollutants get trapped closer to the ground. This level of pollution means you’ll have more air pollution outside and in your home.

5. Higher Levels of Pet Dander

The wintry weather usually means that you and your pets will stay inside more often. When your pets are inside all the time, there is more dander circulating in your home, which can cause allergies and breathing issues.

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