Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality This Fall

September 20, 2021
Indoor Air Quality in Cave Creek, AZ

The indoor air quality in your Carefree home is likely to be worse than outdoor air, especially in the fall and winter when doors and windows are closed. Since you spend so much time in your home, you want the indoor air quality as high as possible. Armed with some basic knowledge, you can make your home healthier.

Change the Filter

Check the air filter in your HVAC system during the fall. If it’s dirty, replace it. You should check it every month. The filter keeps pollutants from circulating throughout your home.

Vent Masters in Carefree, AZ, performs furnace tune-ups, which includes changing the air filter as needed. We’ll also clean your furnace and calibrate it so it performs at its best.

Use Vents

You should use the vent in your kitchen when you cook, and the one in your bathroom when you shower. Keep the vent running for 10 minutes after you’ve cooked or showered. Cooking produces a lot of pollutants, and the bathroom vent removes problematic moisture.

Keep Carpets and Rugs Clean

Carpets and rugs trap dirt, dust, and other particles. Clean them as often as possible, so they help improve your home’s indoor air quality. Mop weekly to remove particles from hard floors.

Use Natural Cleaners

Conventional cleaners produce dozens of chemicals that pollute the air inside your home. Buy natural cleaners instead that are fragrance-free or naturally scented. Don’t use aerosol sprays such as air fresheners, hair sprays, and furniture polishes.

Let in Fresh Air

Proper ventilation is critical to the indoor air quality of your home. Open windows on a sunny, warm fall day. This will bring in fresh air and push out pollutants.

Vent Masters is the company to turn to for the installation, repair, and maintenance of heaters and air conditioners. Other services we perform include ductwork, indoor air quality, ventilation, thermostats, and new construction. Get in touch today to learn more.

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