How To Prepare Air Conditioner for the Summer

June 12, 2021
AC Summer Preparation in Carefree, AZ

After the long winter season during which you didn’t get much use out of your air conditioning system, you will likely need to do some pre-summer maintenance to ensure its readiness for the heat. Here are four steps to take to get your air conditioner ready to handle the desert heat.

1. Clear or Replace Your Filter

During a long idle period, dust and debris may accumulate in your air conditioner’s filter, causing air blockages or allergens to blow through your ducts. Allergens such as pollen can easily build up in your filter after the winter, making it extra important to make sure you have a clean system. Cleaning your filter is usually not complicated at all. You can remove the dust and other obstructions from it with a vacuum or a spray, or you can soak it in water. However, if this process is not successful, new filters are inexpensive and easy to install.

2. Scrub the Coils

It is also important to keep the coils on the inside of your air conditioner, which are essential to its mechanism, clean and free from debris. You will need to open the door to your air conditioning unit, which is possible by removing the duct tape or screws. However, be sure to cut power to your air conditioner beforehand for your safety. Once this is done, you can scrub the evaporation coils with a soft brush and cleaning fluid.

3. Scrub the Fan

It is simple to clean the exterior machinery of your air conditioner. As always, you need to shut off your unit’s power for safety. After this, you can remove the top cage and access the fan for cleaning with a soft brush and cleaning fluid.

4. Check the Coolant Pipes

Coolant pipes are run in and out of your air conditioner and are supposed to be wrapped in insulation foam. If the foam is not completely wrapped around the pipes as it should be, be sure to replace it to keep your coolant inside effective.

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