How to Choose the Most Effective Air Purification System

August 10, 2020

To find the best air purification system, it helps to understand the reason you want one. Different air purification systems are better at some things than others. The information below will help you decide which air purifier best suits your needs.

What Is Air Purification?

Air purifiers can be standalone or whole-home models. A whole-home air purifier is installed in your home’s ductwork so that it cleans the air throughout your home. A standalone air purifier can only improve the air in one room.

A whole-house air purifier has a single filter or multiple filters that pollutants become trapped in. You should get one that doesn’t produce ozone as that is a health hazard and can aggravate respiratory ailments.

Vent Masters of Carefree, AZ, is a company that offers indoor air quality solutions like whole-house air purifiers. We’re EPA certified, and we can install products that help you breathe easier.

You Have Allergies

If you have allergies, you should get an air purifier with a HEPA filter. It can remove allergens like pet dander, dust mites, mold, and pollen. Air purifiers specifically made for allergens can even include ultraviolet lights and ionizers to further clean the air.

Asthma Sufferers

Air purifiers designed for people with asthma are effective at removing chemical pollutants and odors. They also contain a HEPA filter and other ones that purify the air.


If you have pets, there are air purifiers specifically designed to capture pet dander, hair, and odors. These bring relief to people who are allergic to animals but still want to own a pet.

Chemical Sensitivities

There are air purifiers designed for people with multiple chemical sensitivities. They capture more odors and chemicals than other air purifiers. They’re also made with materials that don’t off-gas chemicals.

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