How Long Does Your Landlord Have to Fix Your Air Conditioning?

June 20, 2022
Tenant Rights in Cave Creek, AZ

The sweltering temperatures of an Arizona summer are enough to drive even the biggest sun-lovers indoors to seek cooler temperatures. If renters return to their apartments to discover that the air conditioning isn’t working, they will want to know how long the landlord has to make the repairs.

Understand Arizona Law

In Arizona, you will need to write a note to your landlord that the air conditioning is broken. Your landlord then has five days from the date of the note to fix the air conditioning as long as you deliver the note directly to this individual. If you send the note in the mail, then the five days will not begin right away. The count will start on the day your landlord receives the letter or five days after the letter is sent.

Know Your Rights

You may wonder if your landlord is required to provide air conditioning in the first place, and the answer is yes. Air conditioning is considered an essential service in Arizona. Therefore, your landlord must provide air conditioning. You should also know that if you do not pay your rent your landlord is not allowed to cut off your access to this essential service.

Stay Safe

While you’re waiting for your landlord to fix the air conditioning, consider staying with a relative or friend for the time being. Another possibility is to book a room at a local hotel. The dangerous temperatures of an Arizona summer can be deadly, especially if you have to close up all of the windows because of a storm. If you absolutely have to be in your apartment, make sure to use a fan and to drink enough water. In the event that the temperatures start to rise, leave in order to stay safe.

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