There are many good reasons to install a mini-split AC in your Scottsdale, AZ home. Those who want to cool a garage or a tool shed can rely on these systems, as can those who just added a new room to their home and don’t want to install additional ductwork. Mini splits are also ideal for some homes, especially homes with historical value and homes that don’t have enough space for ducts.

Mini-split systems come with the same three components as a central heat pump: air handler, compressor, and refrigerant line. The only difference is that the air handlers in a mini split cool one room instead of an entire home. One compressor can support up to eight air handlers, so whole-house cooling isn’t impossible with these.

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Mini-Split AC Installation Services

It’s not hard to install mini splits. The air handlers are compact and won’t take up too much space on your wall. You can always hang them from the ceiling, too. There’s great flexibility as to where to lay the compressor unit since the refrigerant line connecting it to the air handlers can stretch for as long as 50 feet.

Ductless AC units comes with these benefits:
  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Years of reliable operation
  • The ability to make multiple temperature zones
  • The directional airflow feature and wireless access

Whereas ducted heat pumps lose some of their cool air through leaks and cracks in the vents, mini-split systems deliver all of their cool air. With directional airflow, you can ensure that the air blows right on the occupants, too. Because each air handler has its own thermostat, you can reduce energy waste even more by turning off the system in those rooms that are empty.

Mini-split systems are durable, especially considering that they come with variable-speed operation. This cuts down on the wear and tear associated with constantly shutting them down and turning them on. In all, assuming that you maintain them and don’t use them excessively, ductless air conditioners can last a good 30 years.

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