Reliable Ductless AC Service

There are many situations that can call for a mini-split AC in Paradise Valley, AZ. For example, no ducted unit could reach an outbuilding like a tool shed, but mini-splits could cool such areas. If you feel that installing more ductwork would be a hassle, you might also install a mini-split for a room addition.

These ductless AC units are ideal for historic homes that can’t support ductwork, but they also attract those building a home from the ground up and thinking about energy efficiency.

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Why Should You Get a Ductless AC?

One compressor unit can connect up to eight mini-split air handlers, so it’s possible to use these systems as a substitute for a ducted AC system. The advantage that mini-splits boast is multi-zone cooling. The fact that each air handler has its own thermostat makes this possible. This means, among other things, that your family members can all have the temperature they want in their individual rooms. You also save energy since you can stop cooling empty rooms.

Here are other benefits of ductless AC installation:
  • Significant energy savings
  • Quiet, variable-speed operation
  • A life span of up to 30 years
  • Features like directional airflow

You save energy just by the fact that mini-splits don’t have ducts through which cold air can escape. This can translate to a lower monthly bill. Plus, they have a reputation for durability. Achieving their 30-year life span, though, does require some conscientious effort. Homeowners must do their part by getting annual maintenance for their system and not overusing it. They should take advantage of directional airflow because this enhances comfort. Just move the louvers so that they point to the occupants.

If you opt for this equipment, you’ll find that a mini-split AC installation isn’t that difficult. The technician will have to create a three-inch hole in your wall to connect the refrigerant line to the air handler, but that’s the only invasive procedure. You’ll have a lot of room for situating the air handlers because these are compact devices. And you can extend the length of the refrigerant line to a total of 50 feet, giving you flexibility as to where to place the compressor.

Installing Mini-Split ACs Since 2003

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