Creative Ways To Hide Your Outdoor AC Unit

September 20, 2020

You can increase the appeal of your home’s backyard by concealing your outdoor AC unit. While AC units are more efficient than ever, they still remain something of an eyesore. Whatever you come up with, make sure the unit still has good airflow around it by leaving three foot clearance and is accessible for service.

Mosaic Screen

You can use scraps of stained glass shards to make a mosaic screen. Buy a screen from a big box store and attach the glass to it using clear silicone.

Stone Screen

Buy stone blocks and stack them artistically to hide the outdoor AC unit. This looks especially nice if your home’s exterior is stone.

Lattice Screen

Lattice is inexpensive and a great way to hide an AC unit. You can even let ivy grow on it to further hide the AC unit from your eyes.


You can place old shutters around the AC unit. One great idea is to repaint the shutters every three months so it matches the season.

Pallet Screen

A repurposed shipping pallet is a great way to artistically hide your AC unit. You can turn them into a colorful shade. After it’s been painted, you can attach ornaments or hanging plants to it.

Birdhouse Picket Fence

A birdhouse picket fence provides sufficient cover for your AC unit. It can also serve as a place for birds to perch and eat.

Flower Planter Boxes

You can buy tall flower planter boxes at big box stores. Flowers are a great addition to any backyard and are useful for hiding AC units.

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