Benefits of Smart Thermostats

February 17, 2022
Smart Thermostats in Cave Creek, AZ

Smart thermostats can be programmed to keep your home at the right temperature whenever you’re around and to minimize the energy use of your home when you’re out. These units can even learn your habits and make adjustments to the temperature of your home. Since they are hooked up to a Wi-Fi network, they can be controlled with your phone. This can allow you to adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere you are.

Improve Home Comfort

Everyone has experienced a cold or hot home when they get home from a day at work. A smart thermostat can be programmed to restore your home to a comfortable temperature by the time you get home. It can also lower the temperature of your space at night to aid in good sleep. If your HVAC system is set up with temperature zones, a smart thermostat can just heat or cool your living areas during the times you are there and just your bedrooms at night. You can have rarely used rooms like guest bedrooms in a different zone and limit heating or cooling them to times when you have a guest.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Having a smart thermostat adjust the temperature of your home before you get home can reduce heating or cooling your home when you are out later than normal. These thermostats can have a geofencing feature that will have one temperature range for when you are further than a certain distance from your home and another temperature range when you are home or on your way there. This is even more efficient than a thermostat schedule.

Monitor Your HVAC System

Your smart thermostat will collect data on your heating and cooling needs and analyze the performance of your HVAC system. You’ll be able to identify any unexpected increases in your energy use and bring them to the attention of your HVAC professional.

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