3 Reasons for a Noisy Heat Pump

December 18, 2020
Updated April 24, 2024

If your heat pump is making much more noise than usual, there can be a few reasons. They tend to make unusual sounds, but there are three sounds that you need to investigate in Paradise Valley. Any issues can get worse and lead to a total breakdown if it isn’t resolved quickly. A heat pump repair can quickly become a replacement.

The experts at Vent Masters explain 3 common reasons for a noisy heat pump.

1. Motor or Compressor Issues

There are sounds that indicate something has gone wrong in your outdoor unit. Loud pops, squealing, or buzzing sounds indicate the motor or compressor needs attention. If you hear rattling, vibrating, or metallic noises, the sound is likely caused by parts that have come loose and that are interfering with the fan.

Buzzing or rattling noises can also mean there’s a refrigerant leak in your outdoor unit. If the filter is misaligned, it can create a whistling noise. Electrical problems cause buzzing and humming sounds. Broken valves can make vibrating, hissing, and whooshing noises.

2. Problems in Ducts

A few different things can cause noisy ducts. If the vibration dampening is damaged, you’ll hear popping and creaking noises. A whistling sound indicates there’s either something obstructing the ducts or there are leaks. Animals in your ducts will cause scratching, humming, and gnawing sounds.

Vent Masters repairs broken heat pumps. We’ve been in business since 2003, and we’re licensed, bonded, and insured.

3. Indoor Air Handler Issues

Your indoor air handler can also make unusual sounds when parts are failing. You may hear a clicking sounds when there’s damage to belts, valves, fans, crankshaft, pistons, rods, or thermostat. If you hear buzzing and humming coming from the indoor air handler, it’s likely an electrical problem.

If the filter has fallen out of place, you can hear a whistling noise. Refrigerant leaks and loose parts will cause buzzing and rattling noises. You should have a refrigerant leak looked into as soon as possible because it’s harmful to the health of your family.

Vent Masters repairs, maintains, and replaces heating and cooling equipment. We can also help you with your indoor air quality, ventilation, ductwork, and new construction services. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment in Paradise Valley, AZ.

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